Gecko Sighting (and Spencer too!)

We knew they were hiding somewhere… the geckos we picked up in Taravai finally appeared!

One showed up in the fruit hammock and climbed onto Kristian’s hand. Two others spontaneously appeared around the boat.

They all showed up a few days after Spencer left the boat. Coincidence? We think not! After all, we forgot to post the “gecko obituary” which related how Spencer had inadvertently squashed one of the little geckos; and how he confessed this crime during a rum-infused dinner. The geckos were clearly afraid of the happy-go-lucky sailor man.

Ironically, and to the enormous chagrin of the geckos, Spencer shows up right around this time on the sailboat Dancia! The boat he was now aboard decided to anchor next to us in Vaitahu, before setting sail for Tahiti.

To our surprise, within two hours of anchoring, their boat was drifting heading out to sea – it was dragging anchor! Our bellies ached with laughter as we watched Spencer run around the deck, attempting to garner the attention of the skipper, who was below the waterline scrubbing the hull. A more satisfying amusement we’ve never had before.

All this was in good jest, and we enjoyed a dinner together with Spencer that night with wild goat as the main course. We didn’t expect to give him a second goodbye, but we are glad we did… even if it means the geckos might return to hiding for a few more weeks 😉

Once again, safe travels, Capt. Spence!

3 thoughts on “Gecko Sighting (and Spencer too!)

  1. Even without Deena aboard, I am still throughly enjoying reading your adventures!
    Deena’s Mommy 🙂

  2. I’m so pleased Spencer got his ride to Tahiti. However I’m not sure the captain of the boat fully understands what he is getting himself into with the Spence. An incredibly knowledgeable sailing crew mate with a wonderfully crazy personality. It will be a fun ride!

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