Gifts from the Vaitahu School

Homework for the kids: go fetch fruit for Mr. Littée and the trimaran!

We returned the following morning to receive a big box of fruit in appreciation for the lesson that Pierre taught. There were several big pamplemousse (the sweet Polynesian grapefruit), limes, oranges, and a pile of “pommes”, which reminds us of an apple mixed with a jicama.

The class’ teacher Felix is also the school director. In a casual lime green singlet, with the ubiquitous Marquesan tattoo on his forearm, he invited Pierre and crew to his office, where he made a proposal: “Pierre, let’s swap roles for a semester! I’ll teach your class in America, and you come to Vaitahu to be school director.”

Pierre wasn’t quite ready to migrate to Tahuata – after all, he wasn’t sure if Felix would be able to pour drinks at Cavallo Point, which is Pierre’s night job. They compromised and decided to connect their two classrooms as pen pals. The kids are looking forward to practicing their English with new friends in California!

Photo: Pierre and Chris with the Vaitahu class. Chris is also a teacher in middle school English in Monterey, CA.

2 thoughts on “Gifts from the Vaitahu School

  1. Just wonderful … École de Vaitahu, Tahuata!
    All barefoot but for Pierre, Chris and the blond kid with Croc’s, who is that kid?
    The school itself looks very nice, large area, airy, clean… the classroom with big windows and pink walls, computers…
    Loving it! And all the fruit right from the island… what a treat, how sweet of them.
    Fantastic trip you are having!!!!

  2. What a beautiful cultural exchange! Teachers are the best! C’est ton frere Sabi, non?

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