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Welcome ! We fulfill the dream of sailing to beautiful islands through cooperative adventures.

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A family raising twins at sea welcomes you to join the adventure ❣️

We are Kristian and Sabrina, founders of the Green Coconut Run Sailing Cooperative.

We love to explore wild islands, and we love sharing them with our visitors from around the world.

In 2014 we started Green Coconut Run as a three year community voyage from California to Tahiti. Our initial 30 “early seabird” investors grew to nearly two hundred visitors joining over the years in co-op trips.

We fell in love with French Polynesia, had twin babies, and decided to stay! We started a charter business here, focused on family-friendly, ocean wilderness adventures: Green Coco Charters.

Our Rough Schedule

January-February: Tikehau & Rangiroa (Tuamotus)

March-April: Apataki & Ahe (Tuamotus)

May-August: Fakarava, Toau, and Faaite (Tuamotus)

October-December: Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Bora-Bora (Society Islands)

~ see detailed schedule here ~

Where can we take you? 

We take guests to visit two archipelagos: Tuamotus (January to August) and Society Islands (October to December). Check our Schedule for specific dates.


The Tuamotus archipelago are coral atolls of other-worldly beauty with some of the world’s best snorkeling, a true wilderness adventure. You’ll see mind-boggling, thriving coral reefs; watch Manta Rays circle lazily; swim with dozens of harmless reef sharks, and walk among endless coconut trees. We absolutely love it here! Some of the atolls we visit are: Tikehau, Rangiroa, Apataki, Ahe, Toau, Faaite, and Fakarava, from January to August. Contact us if interested.

Society Islands

The Society islands are the most famous islands in the South Pacific, the definition of paradise itself! They are mountainous islands with fringing coral reefs and calm lagoons, lush and wild at the same time. They have a well-rounded mix of activities, including hiking, waterfalls, beautiful snorkeling, and fine dining. Some of the islands we visit include Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, and Bora-Bora, from October to December. Contact us if interested.

About our Co-op & Charter Trips

Our cooperative trips are unique, participatory adventures. Our members invest in the boat in advance and get to enjoy free time aboard the boat, big discounts on boat time, and work-exchange options. We live as a big happy family running a boat: everyone plays a role in cooking, cleaning, light boat maintenance. It’s a bit of work, but it’s exciting to create the adventure together! Our Co-op trips are minimum 8 days, usually 14 days. Our members come back year after year. Seeing all our kids grow up together in tropical paradises, experiencing a wonderful sense of community – it’s the greatest thing! If you’re interested in joining our co-op as a new member, or you’re a couple interested in being a Green Coco partner boat, please send us an email introducing yourself.

Our charter trips are all-inclusive so visitors can relax and enjoy their limited time aboard. We have a chef aboard to take care of meals, and guests can help out as they wish. Our Charter trips are minimum 4 days, usually 7-10 days. You’ll go home with new Green Coco skills from our Ocean Camp, like the sailing dinghy, gourmet tiny home cooking, breathwork for diving, kite-surfing, and more. We’ll explore amazing islands and live as a family aboard the boat. Seeing this world through the eyes our twin girls is also a highlight! They are aboard all trips (except those with 3+ cabins booked by guests). The life aboard a sailboat is wonderful and transformative — we hope you can come experience it sometime! See our charter prices and details at

Click here to see our schedule, about the boat, and more.

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49 thoughts on “Green Coconut Run: sailing cooperative

    • That’s the best part about all this– bringing people together and celebrating these amazing places! Cheers !

  1. So happy to hear that you are finally on your way to a grand adventure. We are in the La Paz BCS area currently. I was wondering why you are not going to venture up into the Sea of Cortez? So many fantastic islands and anchorages. Hope that our paths will cross.
    Mary Silvestri

    • Hi Mary! Great to hear that you are enjoying the La Paz area on your boat. We would LOVE to spend more time up there but getting south before hurricane season is our pressing plan. We are asking other cruisers to explore its protected areas for the Green Coconut Run, because you’re right without Sea of Cortez it would not be complete ! Perhaps we can meet up when we get south, let’s be in touch.

      FYI friends- Mary was the broker who helped make the purchase of Aldebaran happen! I have no idea how she managed to be so patient with that whole process, wow. Huge thanks to you Mary.

  2. Met you all at Santa Barbara Island this past weekend. We were the guys on the Three Musketeers. I thought I would look you up. What an adventure! Just awesome! Between the three of us we have boats in MDR, Dana Point, and LaPaz so I am sure we will run across you all someplace. We will be sure to carry extra gas 🙂
    Captain Dave

    • Captain Dave! You guys were super generous to give us some gas for our dive compressor– we left home in such a hurry we forgot to fill up the brand new jerry cans. Pleasure seeing “Three Muskateers” in Santa Barbara island, and most certainly, we hope to rendezvous again in southern Baja, and visit that remarkable cove you told us about in isla espiritu santo. Cheers!

    • Seriously. It is an awe-inspiring moment to be able to connect with big animals… one can’t help but feel a deep and resounding love! Especially when they open their flippers and send you a hug!

  3. Hey this is Jordan, had a fun time surfing with you guys this morning in Mazatlan! I’ll send you guys pictures from my friend when I get them. Don’t tell too many people about that spot 😉 shoots!

    • Thanks Jordan, total respect towards the local spots especially those still under the radar. What an amazing day (we went back out 1-4pm and it was even heavier!) We will be fueling up in El CID marina tomorrow and might check out Los Pinos perhaps you can see our trimaran out there 😉 cheers

    • Wow…it’s the adventure of a lifetime…Photos, videos, chronicles are amazing…Livin’ the dream…and doing all that it takes to keep it going. Sending much love your way, Sabrina, or should we say La Sirena!

      • Hey Pat and Rick! So wonderful to hear from you guys. We are having such a grand time and are so thrilled to be able to share the adventure with so many. I’m really glad you are enjoying our photos, videos, and writings =) Hope you both are doing well. Sending much love your way!

      • Hi, I’m Ryan’s brother Brad and I am interested in joining you guys, at the end of the month, if Ryan hasn’t already told you. Looking for an adventure and fresh caught fish! Bradley L Smith

      • Hey brad, excited to have you aboard next week! Looks like a nice run of swell coming. The weather has been gorgeous, offshore everyday in Nicaragua!

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  5. Hi Sabrina and Christian,
    I’m Kelly’s dad (of Paul and Kelly, recent crew). Been hearing some wonderful, positive stories from their time with you.

    I’m curious about getting involved and contributing to your ongoing project. Sadly I’m far from wealthy (most of my work life has been teaching high school art. But 2 1/2 years ago, in my own “just do it” moment, I immigrated to New Zealand, where I now live up north just outside the Bay of Islands area.

    Be great to connect with you sometime if you ever have down time. I’m in CA right now for another week (actually with Kel in SB!) then back to NZ next Sunday.

    My NZ mobile is +64 21 171 1141. My CA mobile is +1 925 876 3373. I’m on WhatsApp under that NZ number or FB Messenger under my full name, james warren dean.

  6. last phone number for Kristian 1805 6373613, now not correct could someone have him call me with new contact info – last saw him here in Encinitas w his mom – thought he was married now and living in SB area- would enjoy reconnecting ( met u guys surfing at la Roca on a big day in cent Mex)

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