Mr. Littée visits the Vaitahu School

It was just supposed to be a brief school visit to meet the kids. Next thing you know, Pierre took over and began teaching a class to the oogle-eyed 8 year olds.

Do you guys know the Fibonacci series? asked Mr. Littée. No? Well heres how it goes, he scribbled in animated style on the white board, alternating between English (which they were learning) and French (which the kids speak at school). The class teacher and school Principal, named Felix, would chime in occasionally in Marquesan to add explanations.

We were in Vaitahu, the main village of the island of Tahuata. It is located just North of Hapatoni, about a mile up, nestled in a large open bay. The class was a mix of 3rd to 5th graders; Pierre happens to be a third grad teacher back at San Rafael, California. Within a few minutes there was a crowd of kids from the next door classroom coming to watch Mr. Littée.

The kids were loving it! Our little meet-and-greet had turned into a 45 minute classroom experience. Leave it to Mr. Littée to share his love of teaching everywhere he goes.

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