Feast à la Marquises

Some meals get etched into our memory banks. This is one of them!

Tahina made us a Marquesan extravaganza with four fish dishes, each better than the last: poisson cru, grilled fish, sashimi, and tuna carpaccio. The side dishes included a delicious breadfruit salad and fei (the local variety of plantain).

All the food came from around the island and was simply divine. Talk about “moan of approval”…

To complete the five star service, we all got showers and fresh laundry. How often do you leave a restaurant smelling better than when you arrived?!

The night was capped with card games, magician tricks by Pierre, ukulele songs by Tahina, and Captain K passing out from food coma on the hostess’ bed. All very reminiscent of a fine Thanksgiving feast back home!

Ps. Deena and Spencer met Tahina during our first visit to Hapatoni, island of Tahuata. You guys were here with us in spirit!

3 thoughts on “Feast à la Marquises

  1. There is nothing to top a truly memorable meal as it’s the combination of so many factors: setting/location, company, weather and, of course, the food. It’s sounds this was the perfect combination!
    Never to be forgotten.

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