Madam Tahina

This sweet lady made us a true feast for dinner. Tahina worked in a restaurant in Tahiti for several years and is a incredible chef… She returned to her native village of Hapatoni when her sister fell ill. She also did a few loads of our laundry in exchange for perfume and lotion! Here she is shown strumming the ukelele with her nephew singing along. The village of Hapatoni feels like a big happy family.

2 thoughts on “Madam Tahina

  1. I would love to meet Tahina and talk to all of them. A Big Happy Family.
    Which language use with the locals? French? English? A Marquesan dialet??
    What did you have for dinner? Do they grow fruits and vegetables? Which? Do they have goats!? It’s so steep, they have to have goats!!!

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