Hapatoni: View from the Mountain

The village of Hapatoni, on the south-western tip of Tahuata Island, is known for its artisans, especially wood and bone carvers. We were coming for other reasons: to pick up our laundry and eat food! To build up an appetite, we hiked up the mountain. The village is on the bottom left, with a wharf for small boats. Aldebaran is anchored on the right side of the picture, over a mile away; elsewhere in this bay is too deep for comfortable anchoring. The steep mountainsides that surround this village plummet into the ocean. In the distance to the north, the island of Hiva Oa is visible.

5 thoughts on “Hapatoni: View from the Mountain

  1. Beautiful scenery! Still a little intimidating- but beautiful. And what a hike, all the way up the mountain. Aldebaran! it looks majestic by itself at anchorage… Oh my God, how lucky you are to have this experience! Enjoy, and I’m so grateful for your sharing! Love and positive energy to you all

  2. At first I thought the discolored water in front of the village indicated sand bottom shallows.
    And a possible good anchorage.
    Then noticed the apparent swirl of river water outflow. In itself, no indicator of depth. Is that right?

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