Beach time in Hanamoenoa Bay

“One of the best anchorages in Marquesas” say some cruisers about Hanamoenoa Bay, a series of largely uninhabited coves just north of the village of Vaitahu. Only one or two houses are found in this bay, which are used primarily as a temporary base for copra harvesting.

White sandy beaches are uncommon in Marquesas, which is one of the appealing qualities of this area… along with the lack of nearby rivers, which makes the water more clear than other places around this sediment-rich archipelago.

We snorkeled along the rock walls, hung out at the beach, relaxing for a moment from the tough cruising life.

Photo shows the crew aboard Aldebaran for this leg of the voyage around Hiva Oa and Tahuata islands, in southern Marquesas: Chris, Pierre and Lianna, Sabrina and Kristian.

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