Polynesian Generosity

Dolina and her family are some of the sweetest people we’ve met.

As if making us two feasts wasn’t enough, each day they sent us back to the boat with a wheelbarrow full of fruit (!) including pamplemousse, breadfruit, papaya, limes, starfruit, bananas, fei (red bananas), and an entire bag of home-grown ginger.

On top of that, when it was time to leave, they told us to each pick a tapa as a gift! We felt showered with presents.

The Polynesian spirit of generosity is legendary; but to experience such kindness and thoughtfulness in real life is very moving!

The people we have met in remote islands, accessible only by boat – Pitcairn, Taravai, Reao Atoll, and now Fatu Hiva – are grateful to have your company, since visiting them is so difficult. Their openness is remarkable. Whatever they have, they are willing to share in abundance. We are incredibly inspired by this spirit of generosity, and hope to keep it alive with us forever.

One thought on “Polynesian Generosity

  1. Ah this captures it perfectly! I am staying in an airbnb in the Tahiti burbs and went to the local grocery, it feels weird to have to buy fruit in a store after all the generosity (and self-harvesting) we experienced! I got some pamplemousse jam to take home and thought about buying jelly shoes for $9… but didn’t 🙂

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