Petroglyphs in Omoa

In the 1930s, Thor Heyerdahl lived around Omoa during most of his time in Fatu Hiva, which he relates in his book (of the same name).

In his map of the island he pointed out rock art petroglyphs near Omoa. We asked Dolina’s dad, Leon, about this and he took us to see the area.

A somewhat muddy, 30 minute trail uphill landed us at a clearing with a large flat rock. Leon brushed away coconut palm fronds to reveal a number of carvings etched directly into the stone’s surface.

Besides some tikis drawn into the rock, there was also the largest: this fish, perhaps a tuna, although Leon called it a dolphin.

“The ancients spent a lot of time here,” Leon said. The wind blew through the trees in the valley and we imagined the ancient Polynesians 1000 years ago. Perhaps there were no coconut trees back then, but the same stone was below our feet.

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  1. I’m super excited (but also kinda sad) for when you get all caught up and the posts are about post-Deena times! Can’t wait to follow more of the adventure 🙂

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