Feast at Dolina’s

After purchasing Tapas and wood carvings from Dolina’s family, we arranged to eat a meal at their house. Or should we say, “A Marquesan Feast”!

The first course was ‘poisson cru chinoix’ from yellowfin tuna that her dad had caught. Poisson cru is raw fish, typically marinated in coconut milk with lime juice and salt. We had ours with vinaigrette and fresh ginger; it was the most delicious one we’d ever tasted.

The second course was wild caught chicken – which Dolina catches using traps – sautéed in coconut milk; plus fire roasted breadfruit, and steamed “fei” (a local variety of plantain).

For this feast, Dolina charged us an incredibly low $5 per person, instead of the usual $20 per person asked throughout French Polynesia. We loved it so much we asked for another meal the next day!

On the second day, everyone was in heaven… but especially Spencer. Dolina served us wild boar that her dad caught the previous week in the mountains. This was one of Spencer’s dream experiences for the South Pacific. Dolina roasted the wild boar in an fantastic soy-ginger sauce. She also served grilled fish, along with a plethora of accoutrements.

We had not anticipated a culinary extravaganza here in Fatu Hiva- but that is exactly what we received!