Oeno Atoll 10 Fun Facts & Observations

1. Fish biomass 1.7 Ton per Ha, equal to that of well protected marine reserves. 2. Lacking sharks, which suggests past illegal fishing
3. Patch reefs in lagoon host up to 10 giant clams per square meter. Predators like groupers and jacks were abundant
4. Currents bring some trash onto the beaches in the form of fishing floats and crates.
5. Bright red hermit crabs love to eat papaya we leave behind. Tropic birds love to eat the hermit crabs that get too close.
6. Hundreds of birds – including a few types of boobies – all nesting on the ground suggesting a lack of invasive species like rats.
7. Pine trees are growing in the island, probably planted by the Pitcairners who use the island as an occasional vacation spot (but apparently haven’t visited in years due to lack of crew to drive the long boats) 8. Waves wrap onto the fringe reef with nice shape.
9. Mosquitos or no-see-ums were non existent!
10. Yes, we are already planning our Eco-lodge in Oeno.

Source of Science Facts #1-3: poster in Pitcairn Island Museum from scientific study conducted in island chain.

Photo: Sabrina taking her first observations of this astounding place.

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  1. So Beautful and fresh! Kristian you write like a National Geographic Explorer, exquisitely poetic with passion and interesting facts.

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