Bob the Giant Trevally

“Ahh! A shark!” Yelped Sabrina as she was standing in knee deep water when a fin went by cresting the surface only a couple feet away. In the clear, transparent waters, she quickly realized it wasn’t actually a shark. “Holy moly, that is one giant fish!!”

It was a 4-foot long Giant Trevally Jack, incredibly girthy, and incredibly curious. He was doing circles around Sabrina and Michael, who were wading in the shallows.

“He just seems to swim around us in an anti-clockwise fashion,” noticed Michael. “We are in the Southern Hemisphere after all.”

This intriguing fish decided to spend the entire afternoon with us.

“He’s our new pet in Oeno!” said Sabrina, happy as can be.

Both parties completely intrigued by one another. This was by far the most novel thing any of us had seen in awhile! Such unusual behavior for a fish. He acted like a playful dog, hanging out with us wherever we went.

The best was when Captain K was standing in the shallows and the giant fish swam right between his legs. “Waaaaahhh!!” Kristian hollered and tried to untangle himself as they both seemed to splash wildly avoiding one another in the commotion.

We named him Bob. Otherwise known as Big Bob, our first of the South Pacific! 🙂

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