Video Episode #5: Hook to Fork, Sea Venison

One of the most surprising parts of our voyage is how well we are eating!

People ask, “do you have a stove and a sink?”  Here is a video that will show the whole process of catching and cooking dinner, from “Hook-to-Fork”.

This video is about a 15lb Trevally Jack, which we prepare into “Sea Venison”. We’ve been eating so many different kinds of fish that we liken some to chicken, some to beef and this one in particular to venison..   It’s a red meat, hence the “crime scene” while Sabrina sweetly fillets the fish, an integral part of our cooking experience.


ps. If there’s good response we’ll try to make other “hook-to-forks” about our seafood exploits and old-fashioned boat cooking like bread, yogurt, and kim chi. So thumbs up if you enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Video Episode #5: Hook to Fork, Sea Venison

    • Hard to recognize her! Lady Sabrina is the french hostess. The chef was Michael. He’s always making something creative and delish.

  1. Wonderful video! Will someone please send this to the food network channel? It would make a great series.

    • Thanks Kay! Do you have any connections with food network? 😉 Glad you enjoyed it. We will continue to make more Hook to Fork videos! suggestions welcome… stay tuned

  2. Bravo for the cooking Sabrina. You are a real chef . We hop all is well . Keep sending some good news. Give love to Kristian. Love Odette

    • Merci beaucoup Odette! Les homme fait la cuisine tres bien aussi!! Miss you and Alain and look forward to seeing you guys at the end of the year over the holidays. =)

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