What is the Green Coconut Run?


Artist’s image of Bora Bora, Tahiti. Photo Credit: pubpages.unh.edu

The Coconut Milk Run is the popular tradewind route that sailors like to take across the South Seas, going downwind along dreamy islands… what could be better?

The Green Coconut Run !  It’s like the dream route above but it follows amazing protected areas from California to the South Seas.  By documenting the journey, we want to help establish the route, so that other sailors and travelers can visit and help support these remote, spectacular places – marine reserves, Biosphere Reserves, World Heritage sites, and other locally protected areas.

fiji from air

Fiji from the air. Photo credit: unknown

“What’s the big deal with islands?” you ask. The Galapagos Islands are a classic example of the qualities that I cherish in islands: animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth, astounding landscapes, and captivating culture & history!  Some of these places are fading… some of them are thriving… all of them are worth seeing and supporting for the unique role they play in Nature and humanity.


Galapagos scenery. Photo credit: cntraveller.com

After years of planning, cruising sailors (like us!) go to the most far-flung islands. We see them, enjoy them, and leave. Can cruisers do more for these fragile places that they find so inspiring?  Who are the heroes preserving these places, and helping the quality of life for locals? Can we bring them mainstream awareness and support?

In Green Coconut Run we are searching for the success stories of ecological come-back. Like the elephant seal, grey whale, and others that came back from near extinction, there are remarkable tales of how life can blossom once again. We hope to learn about smart restoration and protection, qualities that the world needs now; to protect the fragile ecosystems that bring the Earth and humanity so much value.

The Green Coconut Run is run by the Aldebaran Sailing Cooperative — a group of scientists, artists, and adventurers, collectively funding this voyage. Come and join us aboard or from afar!

Green Coconut Promo 2014-12-27

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