How elephant seals came back: the secret of Guadalupe Island


elephant seals near San Simeon, CA

Ever driven along Hwy 1 in California and stopped to look at the elephant seals near San Simeon and Carmel? Huge, phenomenal, gross, disgusting, and fantastic!

One would never imagine they were declared extinct in the 1880s due to over hunting. And that they bounced back against all oddsHang on– extinct? That would mean they would be gone.  There would be none here. How do we see so many on the webcam right now?


a historical photo from alaska

Their secret lies in an island 200 miles offshore of Baja: Isla Guadalupe, more reknown for diving with great white sharks than anything else.

great white shark at guadalupe island

The magic of the come-back.  This is why we’re doing the Green Coconut Run, and not just a traditional cruise. We want to learn about how it’s possible, in our frenetic world of resource consumption, to see nature thrive once again.

map of guadalupe oldIsla Guadalupe will be one of our first stops in the Green Coconut Run, sailing 3 days from Ensenada, in the middle of the ocean. Few boats go out there –mostly, exclusive dive charter boats.

It’ll be in the middle of our 1 month Baja leg, from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas, starting mid-March.


What’s the Green Coconut Run?  Read more about it in this post.