Funding success! Trip is on!

In an awesome show of collective support, the Aldebaran crew raked in $35,000 to fulfill the “essential budget” for the boat —- allowing us to green light the Green Coconut Run for departure this March!!

Over 30 crew signed up as “Early SeaBirds” to get time onboard the voyage during different legs. Many of those are doing work trade on the boat to help reduce our costs. Check out some of the crew bios in our Facebook page.

On January 19 we splashed the boat back in the water — it is so good to be afloat again! We continue to reside in the Ventura Harbor, just 100 yards from the Boatyard.. we haven’t moved far! But it is a start.

There is still piles of work to do by March — reinstalling all the bow hardware, installing solar panels, and building our battery compartment. It is truly intimidating but we are pushing ahead with the plans.