Connection: Hidden in Plain Sight

There’s something that photos don’t typically capture. We ask people: “what’s your favorite thing about sailing with us?” They say, paradise beaches, epic snorkeling, gourmet food, and the twins(!). Then a surprisingly common thread stands out:  the sense of connection aboard the boat.

Despite our instant access to everything, the feeling of ‘disconnection’ is becoming commonplace in our modern world. The busy-ness of life, constant tech distractions, superficial relationships at work… our attention jumps around, we’re hardly ever fully present with one another. This is one of the true gifts of doing a trip together — whether it’s camping, on an RV, or by boat. We remove all the distractions of life and get-fully-there. 

When else do we have regular, meaningful conversations and get to know people deeply, after days of meals and play? I’ve had those moments while backpacking with friends, or riding a long train trip. The special part about a sailboat trip is getting this sense of connection… three times over.

Kalia and Allegra in Bora-Bora

First… our relationships are deepened by eating and playing together without the distractions of technology. We don’t have to coordinate many logistics; we can just go with the flow. It’s much easier than backpacking for example; and on the other extreme, it’s much more human size than cruise ships!

Shannon, Toby, and Serena in Fakarava this year

Second… our connection with Nature is deepened as we constantly tune into the weather. What are the winds doing, the stars, the moon, the squalls and sun? Each shift in Nature’s expression is immediately seen & appreciated. Sailing itself is a super satisfying, a moment-by-moment dance between the wind, our sails, and our steering. 

Third… our connection with ourselves reaches a new level. Aboard a sailboat, together as a group for a multi day trip, we can’t hide behind TV shows or say “see you later” when we have ups and downs. We learn to feel our emotions and understand them. At first this can be intimidating, and many people think they can only handle 5 days of this “mirror of Life”. With journaling and our intentional check-ins, however, many people find this opportunity of self-reflection to be surprisingly liberating. 


If greater connection is one of your intentions for this year, organize a trip with friends or family…Rent a house for the weekend to gather people… Rent an RV for the week… and simply play together. And if an ocean adventure is calling you, we welcome you to join us aboard a Green Coco trip for that greater connection and experience what sailboat life is all about. 

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4 thoughts on “Connection: Hidden in Plain Sight

  1. It just seems like yesterday that I was selling you parts for the old C-240 in your old trimaran.
    What you have accomplished is nothing short of wonderful.
    Happy New Year to you, your beautiful family, and your crew.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas.

    • I remember my delight when receiving those Isuzu oil filters, packed in the luggage of crew members, it almost made me happy to keep the engine and boat going! Thanks Bob. We appreciate you playing a part and taking the time to write us. Hope all is well for you. Cheers

    • We’re just trying to keep the magic going of what we started in March 2015 when we set off from Santa Barbara with you and Ry and others joining along the way… to keep that sense of spontaneous fun and fresh presence with whoever comes aboard, this is what we’re trying to distill, cause it’s so rewarding! Thanks for echoing those sentiments.

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