Mantas with Bob & Susie

Now that I’m a dad, I know that our parents have done a LOT for us! We hardly even know.

Well, during our Green Coco trip we’ve been able to give back to them… in the form of Stoke at least. Sharing these magical places with our parents has brought us great joy.

Here are Bob & Susie, 80 and 74 years old, swimming with Mantas in the Tuamotus, during a squall no less: watch the video in our Patreon page, some screenshots below.

6 thoughts on “Mantas with Bob & Susie

  1. Wow!!! Breathtaking video, thank you sooo much for sharing!! Can’t wait to get back on the boat with you again soon 🙂

  2. Great to see Bob and Susie looking so well and enjoying themselves. There’s a place we visit on the East Coast in the far north of Aotearoa New Zealand’s North Island where we have seen dozens upon dozens of Mantas flying by majestically. Our spot is on an outcrop above the crystal waters off the Karikari Peninsula where we used to holiday with our family. The clear, rich waters are full of sealife due to the low population and the absence of fertilizer runoff from farming. The water tenps are usually warmer than they are further down the coast where we live, but far from tropical warmth of the Tuamotus. As you can imagine, fishing and shell fish gathering are not just a hobby in this part of ANZ, it’s a way of life and provides a large part of the local diet.

    • I’m so fascinated by the migrations of the Manta Rays, how they live in different parts of the world and travel between them. They are some of the original “voyagers” of the ocean highways, it is no wonder the Polynesians revere them. As voyagers themselves, sailing in the Pacific to find and colonize islands way before any navigation instruments were available, the Polynesian’s span of influence and connection between New Zealand, Tahiti, Easter Island, and Hawaii, is itself phenomenal. We’ve been learning more about this, finished reading a book called Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia, and how they managed this incredible feat. If you have any suggestions on this topic please send our way.

  3. Absolutely awesome!
    Been following you guys for years.
    I live vicariously through you!😎
    Fair winds and following seas.
    Bob Greening. Formerly of S&W Diesel.

    • Love hearing from you Bob! I recently called S&W to order parts for our new engines on Selavi and thought about you. Being able to source parts and get them shipped to us has been such a critical part of our ability to cruise and not get stuck anywhere. We are now learning the Yanmar engines on this catamaran 🙂

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