Early Seabird 2021 – Aldebaran

If you’ve been following our adventure and would love sail the South Seas — this is your chance!! Our partner boat Expedition Aldebaran is signing up Early Seabirds until September 6th. You’ll get super discounted time aboard, to explore paradise in French Polynesia.

People often wonder how sailors pay for their lifestyle.  I’m certainly curious, and often ask other sailors, because sailboats are expensive.  The way we did it as Green Coco is a cooperative approach. This was unique & novel when we started, but it made sense: by pooling our resources as a community, investing in the boat at whatever level people feel comfortable, EVERYONE gets to participate. Unlike watching a youtube channel and living vicariously, you are part of the adventure. 

The Early Seabird is the main way we kickstarted our voyage, Green Coconut Run. We dreamed up the vision, and people invested to get  credit aboard the boat. This gave us reliable funds to make the boat solid, safe, and fun. In exchange, we hosted our co-op members during the voyage. We had to commit to a schedule to enable people to plan their work vacations, and it brought unexpected benefits — lifelong friendships for example.

When Sabrina got pregnant with twins, we financed our new catamaran Selaví through our Green Coco cooperative. We loved our old boat Aldebaran. She is a magical vessel and served us incredibly well.  We passed on the torch to another couple in our co-op: Billy & Kimber. They are a globe-trotting, water-loving couple from North Carolina, who always bring positive energy everywhere they go, with tons of experience guiding people around the ocean. They are now the owners & captains of Aldebaran, working hard to bring her back to full glory, after the financial trials and tribulations of the pandemic. 

By becoming members and investing as Early Seabirds, you’ll help maintain this magic boat AND come aboard as partners in the adventure — not as second rate crew members or high paying charter guests. This is such a critical distinction to get the authentic experience of sailing overseas, the joy of exploring new islands with quality people. 

We realize it’s hard to know when the pandemic will be over, and travel will be easy again. Even this month, Tahiti has suffered a great loss from the Delta variant. Our hearts go out to the community. In the darkest hour, we need to stay inspired. 

The beauty of the Early Seabird credit is that you’ll have something to look forward to.  You can participate when you’re ready. No imminent need to book a trip. You’ll lock in discounted time for the future, and your credit does not expire. With the community investment, the boat stays in good shape, ready for your visit. It’s a win-win. 

If you’re interested in being a part of this, send Billy & Kimber a message at expeditionaldebaran@gmail.com, or drop us a line if you have Qs. Deadline is less than a week away – Sep 6th! Have an awesome day and stay safe. Much love and stoke.

Aldebaran at anchor in Teahupoo, Tahiti