Who needs sailboats… when there’s vans and drones?

Here is an IMPORTANT announcement from a dear friend of Aldebaran: he’s launching a revolutionary for-profit company that will make a happy rent-free lifestyle available to more people!

Yes, it’s true… Ed has long been committed to the non-profit cause but he’s gone over to capitalism. Who can blame him?

In a way, I’m proud of his greedy passion. As some of you know, van-living paved my own path to sailboat-living. Thanks for getting people down this slippery slope, Go Ed!

Here is the link, don’t miss this :

2 thoughts on “Who needs sailboats… when there’s vans and drones?

  1. We have decided to invest in Ed’s new capitalist project.
    Just this minute we advise him that his modest six figure check is in the mail.
    And how can we do otherwise when a committed idealist realizes a basic truth?
    The truth of which side his bread is buttered, of course.
    Huzza, SKYNET. A concept whose time has come!

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