Waterfront in Apataki, with an afternoon rainbow

The yellow building is the Post office, which is the life-line of communications (purchase cel phone credits, internet cards, send mail). The VINI cel tower is next to it. The red building is the village’s generator, which hums all day and night, to our chagrin… to the right is the boat ramp with people frolicking in the water.

4 thoughts on “Waterfront in Apataki, with an afternoon rainbow

  1. Pretty soon you won’t hear the generator anymore…
    Think about people who live near the train tracks in Santa Barbara…

  2. With a good swell, maybe the waves will drown out the generator. 🙂
    Or is the reef pass with waves not that close?

    • Ha wishful thinking! The wind is likely to drown out the noise; and my fan is pretty good

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