Jonathan’s Return

One of the joys of our boat has been deepening friendships with others. After all, how often do we spend 1 or 2 full weeks together in close quarters? On the boat, we cook, laugh, play, sleep, all together. Cel phones don’t usually work, so people are unplugged from internet. Aboard Aldebaran, we are forced to plug in to the present moment 🙂

The last week has been a total delight exploring Tikehau with two great guys: Jonathan and Gary, who both arrived on a Saturday flight from Tahiti (it’s about $220 each way for the Air Tahiti island-hopper; expensive, but very flexible with date changes)

Last time Jonathan was aboard Green Coco was in 2016 along the southern part of Costa Rica from Quepos to Bahia Drake and Matapalo (it was late April, and we were making our way south to Panama, before crossing to the Galapagos in mid June) That area around the Osa Peninsula still has the most lush tropical jungles we’ve seen, along with a huge density of birds and other land animals. The remote river mouths, epic forest walks, and clear snorkeling in Isla Caño — famous for its lightning strikes — were really memorable.

As an NPR morning show host, Jonathan took the liberty of interviewing us during that trip; the story was picked up and streamed on NPR’s Marketplace. Thanks for sharing the Green Coco story on a national platform, JB!

I mean, look at the photo of this guy… he’s got a pen clipped to the collar of his shirt, ready for action.

We love having Jonathan aboard cause he’s ever-positive and stoked to help. This is despite being unfavorably squished into the boat’s tight spaces with his 6’5’’ tall frame. Makes Captain K look like a Pygmy. Yep, he likes to sleep on the cockpit or deck, where there’s room to stretch out…

Jonathan was a Colorado resident for many years and only recently has grown to love the ocean while living in Santa Barbara. Stoked you made it back, buddy, managing to get the week off work to fly in & out!

Oh yes.. since I can’t get online, can anyone look up the link for our Marketplace interview and post it below in the comments? It’s fun to look back on it, and the story is just 1 minute long (as I recall…)

Share below any questions; or comments you have on that Marketplace interview, if you’ve visited Corcovado National Park, or tips for tall guys to squeeze into small spaces 🙂

Big hugs,

ps. Thanks for all your comments on the last post! I’m still trying to figure out how to respond via satellite..

8 thoughts on “Jonathan’s Return

    • Ethan don’t worry you aren’t missing out on anything. This year the water is murky, there are resorts popping up everywhere, and there are 50 guys in the lineup. Also Gary got poison oak across 1/2 his body, courtesy of his cat at the Ranch laying on his full body Lycra suit.

      Oh yeah, of the above statements, only one is true. At least it means the Lycra suit is being used 🙂 And this is also true: we miss you!

  1. As an NPR fanatic and subscriber to two NPR stations in LA I must have heard Jonathan. What is his last name? Looking forward to meeting him at some point to share stories.

  2. Jonathan, It’s a delight knowing your father, Ed. I hope you and will also soon meet up, especially on another cruise of “Aldebaran”!

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