Gary’s Return

We met Gary while paddling to a little motu in Moorea two years ago, after one of our crew members recognized his girlfriend. “Hey I think we dance together in Santa Barbara!” That brief recognition prompted a sunset meeting for happy hour on Aldebaran.

While we sat in Opunohu Bay watching the sun’s ray sparkle on Moorea’s granite spires, Gary confessed: “One of my dreams has always been to cruise the Tuamotus by sailboat.” I countered: “Well we’re exploring new atolls next year… Would you like to go a little remote… or really remote?” He replied without hesitation: “Really remote.” And thus we began conspiring.

What followed in March 2018 was an unforgettable 18 day journey with Gary and friend Ethan to our deepest jaunt into the Tuamotus archipelago yet (Right now, we are missing you on this trip too, Ethan!!) Search our blog for “Amanu” , “Haraiki” and “Makemo” and you’ll see some of our adventures together with this pair of funny guys who never seem to age. Share links to your favorite ones in the comments below 🙂

Apparently we didn’t traumatize Gary too badly, with our near-shipwrecks and shark infested anchorages, because he returned this year. Granted, we are just chilling in Tikehau this year, which in contrast to last year — if I can use a skiing analogy — is like enjoying a backcountry ski hut in Switzerland, instead of outrunning avalanches in Alaska. But hey, Gary has earned it. He’s a fantastic crew mate, even-keeled and just as happy to make cabbage salad or wash the dishes (two activities that occupy most of our time… haha). In truth though, being a retired professor, he is most stoked reading his Kindle… and of course, the lifetime pursuit of looking at the ocean’s swells… from as close as possible 🙂

Photo: Gary raising anchor in Tikehau.

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3 thoughts on “Gary’s Return

    • John you were so right! Look what the cat dragged in… Ed returned for a few more days. Him and Gary got along dandy. But it ain’t the same without you here. I’m sending a little surprise back with Ed, track him down 🙂

  1. The serendipity that links the adventurous no matter how remote you may go, is amazing. Gary, I’m glad you and Ed shared some good times and great surf aboard Aldebaran. Ed, with whom we’ve been great friends since the early ’70’s in Costa Rica is an inveterate surfer. And now, a retired airline pilot living the adventurer’s dream. Hope we can meet up soon, as well. Go Gary & Ed!

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