Just one resolution for the New Year

A message from a few stoked sailors in the south seas:

“When making resolutions this New Year… disregard the guilty ones, and embrace your dreams instead!! It is much more satisfying to focus on what we love — than on the errors we find hard to let go of.”

(Giving up stuff is best suited for Lent, anyway…)

How do we recreate the life we want? Dreaming big, working really hard, and making those tricky decisions that bring your vision to life – even if life is murky.

The holidays bring out the spirit of generosity and gratitude in each of us. Carrying that feeling forth into the year, seeing the obstacles as part of the journey; we keep trying and doing better.

With our sailing voyage, we’ve been able to realize our dreams; not only alone, but as a whole community. We feel so incredibly blessed! Despite being tested by the efforts. We hope that this magic inspiration can percolate others.

For the New Year, Green Coco recommends just one resolution… “harvest stoke”.

How you will mine gold nuggets of joy in this next year, no matter what is happening, is your own art and path.

Happy 2018!

One thought on “Just one resolution for the New Year

  1. Hi Kristian/Mates!

    Wow! What a lovely New Year’s greeting. Thank you!

    I wish I had the wherewithal–it would be wonderful to join you. Short of that, please keep the inspiring missives coming. Be safe, be well, and may we all come upon “gold nuggets of joy” in the New Year.

    John Mead (Big Bob’s pal.) 🙂

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