Over the course of a few days, the atoll of Tikehau turned into “TikeWow”! We were enchanted.

As we relaxed into its slow pace and idyllic beauty, a switch turned in our minds. Left brain slowed down, right brain activated. It was a fantasy movie scene, and we were the actors, playing in this south seas wonderland…

“TikeWow” must be one of the most beautiful atolls in French Polynesia! We leave the photos to do the talking 🙂

3 thoughts on “TikeWow

  1. Happy new year Kristian! I have loved having Sabby here to reconnect with and have had some fun moments with her already. We have rafting on the docket, but no set plans yet. I send you a big new years hug and a kiss!

    • Wonderful to hear. Think about you lots and all the good energy you brought to the boat during your two months with us! The Kombucha is still going strong and Sabby has shared the secrets of Kombucha making with over a dozen people… it’s an amazing thing to share in the South Seas, she needs to write about it!


  2. Is this place heaven or what? The photos do indeed show what an amazing place it is. How can you ever leave? Can you have too much of a good thing? Or will you simply run out of food? Can you live on Kombucha?

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