The Girls and Mama Ou

During our trip from Fakarava to Rangiroa, Sabrina had gracefully endured two weeks with a boat full of guys. Now, Ben and Johnny flew home… and two beautiful ladies were joining us: Jewels and Sonya.

Talk about getting an upgrade! (Just kidding fellas – we love and miss you)

There was lots of work to “de-bachelorize” the boat. First impressions are important! Then, we spent the morning with Noho as he showed us how to make pandanus hats while his grandma, Mama Ou, taught us to make fresh flower leis as welcome gifts for the ladies.

When Sonya and Jewels arrived they were ecstatic with the beauty of the place and their new gifts. They took this photo together with Noho’s grandma. The simple elegance of posing together, all the ladies adorned with fresh flower leis, affected Mama Ou deeply. She started tearing up — she was so moved! It was a beautiful scene of feminine grace across the ages.

One thought on “The Girls and Mama Ou

  1. Ohhh, I’m tearing up too… must have been so lovely! Mama Ou is beautiful…
    Now…!! talk about those leis and head flowers, what an welcoming gift for the pretty ladies!
    I really LOVE these stories with the locals, I think I would like to move there right now and spend some time going around doing exactly what you are doing!!

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