Noho’s family

We met Noho in Fakarava while he was taking guests to dive the south pass – he works for a scuba dive charter company. “Come visit me at home in Rangiroa!” He had said.

We gave him a call upon our arrival. Despite only briefly meeting us in passing while in Fakarava, he greeted us like family when we arrived in Rangiroa. He showed us where to anchor Aldebaran inside the Avatoru pass, right in front of his grandma’s house, and joined us for dinner with his wife and baby.

Upon hearing of our desperate need for laundry, he set us up with his grandma’s laundry machine. This is Noho and his wife tremendously enjoying the ancient photo film camera that Alex brought… on the day we were doing laundry at his grandma’s house. A truly hospitable family in Rangiroa.

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