The Fellas

So who were the four dudes taking over Aldebaran, and would Sabrina survive the excess testosterone?

Thankfully, we have some experience with these lads… they are part of Green Coco’s origins with many trips together in the Channel Islands. In between jobs in the electric vehicle industry, Michael managed to sail with us for 7 months from California to Panama. Tiny home architect and inventor Alex explored northern Costa Rica’s gems with us, and marine data scientist Ben sailed with us to epic Isla del Coco and Galapagos. Johnny is a professional captain and craftsman who helped us skipper the boat in the early days, and build Aldebaran’s wooden ladder, compass binnacle, and net railing. These guys are all brothers to Sabrina and I.

Now we were in an adventure together in this tropical frontier archipelago– one of the most wild and challenging places to dive, fish, surf, and sail. I was glad to have this capable and stoked crew with us for this upcoming leg exploring the atolls of Tuamotos.

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