Ia Orana from California!

This is Deena, guest posting from San Francisco. Ia orana (pronounced like yoo-rana) means hello in Tahitian, and even though I’ve been back for a little more than a week, my heart is still in the islands. In addition to covering my bedroom in shell necklaces and tapa paintings and editing my 3000 (!) photos from the trip, I love looking through my tiny book of watercolor sketches to remember the insanely dramatic landscapes. I’m sad that my boat chapter is over, but excited to find out what adventures will happen next with my favorite crew.

2 thoughts on “Ia Orana from California!

  1. I really like your watercolor sketches and they certainly capture those incredible moments on the boat and in the islands. It is a time like no other. I too am plowing through my innumerable photos in an attempt to organize them so others can share our experiences. So glad you had a wonderful visit and I, like you, will be watching closely to see how the adventures of Aldebaran unfold.

  2. SOoooo pretty, the water colors…
    What memories, what a trip to cherish for years to come, what wonderful relationships (with crew and new local friends) cemented by harmony with nature
    Can we know more about the arts and crafts from the area? See photos of the material produced by the different artists?

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