Night Snorkeling

Although the Marquesas isn’t well known for its diving, there is one marine animal that loves to cruise its steep shorelines: the Manta Ray.

We heard Mantas were around Tahuata, but they remained elusive. We wanted to try a new strategy here: use night lights to attract the plankton, Mantas’ favorite food.

This was also Deena’s first time snorkeling at night. It is always exciting to jump into the dark ocean, so full of foreboding mysteries and scary critters that you can’t see. Like the boogies monster under the bed, however, such fears are usually unfounded, and we get to see a new twilight world underwater.

Schools of fish were attracted to our lights. A tiny juvenile fish (called a moorish idol) deciding to be our friend; he kept trying to scamper into Spencer’s shorts. A weird marine worm came hitchhiking in Sabrina’s wetsuit, the cause of a long study afterwards.

Although we didn’t find the Mantas on this snorkel, the night time discoveries didn’t disappoint!

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2 thoughts on “Night Snorkeling

  1. NICE photos!
    I never liked going in a swimming pool (!!) in the dark. Had to have the lights on!
    Imagine in the ocean… what a thrill!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun after first being intimidated by the blackness of the water. We are all scared of the unknown lurking around the corner with its ability to bite or sting or just feel awful. Lights would make it exciting. I envy you guys!

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