Escape to Tahuata

The island of Tahuata is a perfect escape from Atuona Harbor, just 7 nautical miles away. We spent a very relaxing four days there. Between its uninhabited bays and two villages, which are renown for their fine craftsmanship, there is a bit of everything.

Tahuata is a small island lacking large rivers. With less sediment flowing, water clarity is better and several beaches are sandy and idyllic. This is somewhat rare in the Marquesas, a land of extreme topography!

What isn’t rare around here are rainbows. We’ve never seen so many…! Almost every afternoon the sun sets in the west and illuminates the dark rain clouds piling in the eastern slopes of the mountains.

Rainbows are in a special category – no matter how many you’ve seen, they never get old. Every rainbow is a joy to witness, especially from the comfort of our cockpit.

3 thoughts on “Escape to Tahuata

    • The fishing is good here in Marquesas, there is tuna a bit offshore, along with lots of pelagics attracted by the plankton. The spear fishing hasn’t been good so far because the visibility is limited (20-40ft) and the near shore fish are smallish. We frankly haven’t done a lot of fishing because we often trade fish with the locals. There’s an abundance of fruit, fish, and wild pigs&goats that the locals hunt. In contrast, veggies are extremely limited…

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