First flight of the Honey Bee

The sun was shining once again in Rikitea and it was time to unveil our newest friend: “Honey Bee”, our flying drone!

This amazing piece of technology – the DJI Mavic, a folding drone – was purchased with funds generously shared by our Voyage Patrons at — if you like our writings, photos, and videos, you can also become a Patron on the link above, it’s just a couple bucks per month.

Michael brought the drone with him to the Galapagos, but we haven’t flown it yet because we didn’t want to crash it in the middle of the ocean;-) so now we are practicing in calm conditions to get the hang of it.

Check out this aerial shot below – it’s from our very first flight over the Rikitea waterfront. The ship moored to the wharf is the “Claymore”, which brings supplies Pitcairn Island. It brings cargo from New Zealand to Gambier, and also carries passengers. We met the first mate, a very cool Kiwi named Elliot, who hooked us up with some Tui beers from NZ.