Departure for Marquesas

We are taking off today enroute to Marquesas! The passage is 7 days, 800 nautical miles, heading NNW.

Excited to head back into the reliable trade winds (Gambier’s weather has been finnicky, but the cool air has been quite lovely)

Follow our real time progress on our satellite tracker:

Many boats have been “stuck” in Gambier with north winds for weeks. We are lucky that we have a good weather window with SE winds to propel us north – although it looks like it won’t last long.

What about the insanely pretty atoll Tauna and the splendid island of Taravai that we visited the last few days? We will be sharing those remarkable memories as we are underway in our passage – enjoy!

Green Coco crew:
Kristian, Sabrina, Spencer, and Deena

Photo: shows our satellite wind forecast today. The green circle is Gambier (where we are leaving from) and the red circle is Marquesas (where we are going). This model is from , which has a basic free version for anyone to see what we use for weather forecasting out at sea.

7 thoughts on “Departure for Marquesas

  1. Wishing you smooth sailing! Really enjoyed learning about the black pearls and the free roadside produce. Guess that you get lots of free ocean food as well. What type of fish do you catch while enroute?
    Deena’s Mom

  2. You have been so lucky with the weather! The timing to stop at Pitcairn was perfect (for Pitcairn!).
    The stay at Gambier also, not counting that freaky windy rainy day… Hope the Trade Winds will guide you smoothly to the Marquesas… An 8 day passage right now seems like a snap.
    I’m dying to see the photos of all these insanely pretty atolls, these islands with pretty names… oh! makes you dream of turquoise waters and colorful fish!
    Bon Voyage

  3. Have a wonderful trip, miss you guys! Enjoying the rain here in Mazunte… a big hug! : )

    • Big hugs Sam! We are thinking of you!! Deena also says hi- remember she had just arrived onboard with her friend Cristina when we cruised the bays of Huatulco for your birthday… that was so fun! Hope we can do that again… in Tahiti? 😉

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