3 thoughts on “Our first view of Oeno

  1. There’s no feeling like arriving at an island- by boat. I’ve only had a taste of it arriving in the Seychelles and Majorca. It must be overwhelming after 3000 miles out of sight of land. More poignant than my experience living on 6 in Hawaii and Brazil, several Southern Hemi peninsulas- In German called, with justice, ‘Halb Inseln’, or (“half Islands”- and visiting a number off Africa, Indonesia, California, Central America, Europe, etc.

    Among the things islands guarantee is those who go really want to BE there. More, essentially, than a location ‘on the way to somewhere else’. They are sometimes a crossroads, like Manhattan. But they are much more than a stop off.

    For the extreme isolation, refuge and alienation it stands for, Pitcairn is one of the most iconic. Oeno- everyone’s fantasy of a South Pacific island. French Polynesia…. How can I say it stronger? I am, and I think we all are- so envious!

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