Happy Holidays, and Boatwork from Afar

Happy Holidays from the Green Coco crew! 

Enjoy this funny little card, and more news below….

Mitakuye Oyasin. Meaning: “We are all related” in Lakota

Read about Four Arrow’s crowdfunded marine reserve in Mexico, shown in our partner Loa Tree’s website. Four Arrows was also very involved with Standing Rock’s Veterans movement. In the beginning of December, they had an exciting victory for all indigenous people and all who care deeply about the Earth’s health and social equity.

Boatwork from Afar: unprecedented 

Aldebaran is in Ecuador right now, moored in Bahia Caraquez. The people there are incredible. While we are in California for the holidays, we have two guys (Wacho and Ariosto) painting the deck, cockpit, engine, and re-building our nets (fingers crossed!) Actually getting work done while you’re away, this is unheard of reliability for Latin America (at least my experience) ! When Capitan returns in January, the hope is to also re-paint the bottom and topsides.

Why all the paint? Beyond cosmetic, this is key maintenance. A simple inexpensive coat of paint is the best way to quickly anticipate problems — oil leaks and belt damage stand out against the white engine; cracks in the fiberglass easily stand out; problems in the hull aren’t hidden by marine growth; and so forth.

Plus, the last two years of pounding in Central America has left Aldebaran a little ragged, so we’re excited to have her shiny as we head to the beautiful south seas…

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