We’re in SCUBA magazine!

SCUBA diving from a sailboat is hard  (read: dealing with heavy tanks, a big compressor, and lots of gear). We feel very fortunate to be able to do it from Aldebaran! Happy to share that success with  SCUBA diving magazine, which ran this short report on us, thanks to Lauren DeRemer for helping us get this published!  Read the article here.


The solar lights that we’re donating on our voyage don’t appear magically… there’s a lot of effort by our crew to transport them, and costs including baggage fees & customs charges. Big thanks to our co-op members who donated $100 each to cover those costs.

Read the story covered in LOA tree.


Many of the SurfBoard Bags  on Aldebaran have died because of the UV and salt exposure on the deck of the boat— come to the rescue Da Kine, which gave us a Pro Deal so we’ll be able to get high quality and durable bags for the coming (extra long) season in French Polynesia.  We’ll report back on how well they hold up to the elements!

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