The C hotties charge (and get conquered by) Santa Rosa

The C Hotties


The ladies called themselves the C hotties (in part, because they are all nurses at a local establishment starting with that letter). Turns out their skills came in handy, sadly.

Sabrina took an over-the-falls wipeout surfing and got nailed on the board on day #2 (after all, it WAS way overhead and elephant seals were attacking her!)  She was in terrible pain and held on like a trooper till we sailed back to the ER. Fortunately, one CT and MRI later revealed it was simply a really aweful muscle contusion, and would heal in a month.

On Day #1 we had a hike through the fantastic rock sculptered Lobo Canyon and sailed around to Johnson’s Lee. On Day #2, after the fateful surfing expedition, the ladies (minus Sab) went kayaking in fearful Painted Cave, and spent the night in blissful Ladies Harbor.


Awesome formations sculpted by wind and water at Lobo Canyon

Awesome formations sculpted by wind and water at Lobo Canyon

Making the most of the calm conditions on the north side of Rosa to access Lobo

Making the most of the calm conditions on the north side of Rosa to access Lobo


Swell hitting the island

Swell hitting the island

Full Moon rise looking east to Santa Cruz island

Full Moon rise looking east to Santa Cruz island

Sabrina icing her back with frozen soup ;-(

Sabrina icing her back with frozen soup ;-


Sunset heading to Johnson's Lee

LOG: Islands August 17th-18th

Friday August 17th.
Hike Ford in AM. Delapitaded ranch house at top of jeep road. Over grazed look to the land. Who ran this?

Motor to Santa Cruz. 3.5hrs. Lots of
boats, including pendragon the fellow trimaran with friends onboard.

Spend the night calm seas. We entertain ourselves watching Robby try to surf at night with a waterproof headlamp.

Saturday 18th
12:30pm depart the bluffs.

Test engine to 2500rpm speed 8.5-9 knots; back down to 1800 for 7 knots and 1700 for 6.5; cruising speed.

Pass San Pedro point at 1:45, channel is very smooth, wind 10 knots out of NW, poor heading of 350 for a desired bearing of 315.

To make it in time for David’s work in ventura tonight we need to motor sail. At 4:30 pm with 13 miles to go crank engine and make 310 heading for desired bearing of 300 with genoa and main, 5.8 knots 1600 rpm.

Arrive SB harbor 6:50pm. 105 nm total in 3 days. Max speed 10.6 knots. Anchor east beach by 8:10pm.






LOG: Islands, Thursday August 16

under sail enroute to Santa Rosa Island

7:45am load fuel after three hour sleep, and motor from SB to Santa Rosa Island under clear skies, no wind, slight wind chop in ocean.

Wind forecast unfavorable with 15-25 and 30 knot gusts in the outer water forecast that includes Rosa. But we endeavor to try in case the backside has protection.

peaking around East Point

Wave forecast intriguing– SSE Easter island head high swell and SE hurricane waist high swell, merging Friday.


Cruise motor power up channel ~5.5 knots until 11am — and then wind fills in, under small jib and stay sail flying at 6.5 then up to a blasting 8-9 in some of the best sailing ever, smooth water speed, as we near the island on a broad reach course of 180.

On the way see a huge finback whale surfacing right next to the boat. Wikipedia summary

20120827-090149.jpgwhale image courtesy Wikipedia commons

Jibing round Skunk at 1:30pm (5.5 hr from SB). Gorgeous sand dunes and purple flowers on hillsides.


Past East Pt wind dies and we are in Lee Heaven, hot and light breeze.

Motor to little Malibu and the boys gets some rides. Waist high.


Anchor at Ford point in 30ft of water high tide, E wind 5 knots