Our Expedition Proposal

Just launched! Our Investor Proposal for the Green Coco Expedition is available: an around-the-world educational voyage for wellness and families. Excited to make this a reality!!

We are currently raising funds to purchase a ~60ft adventure catamaran to lead the expedition: an innovative circumnavigation focused on families and wellbeing. Investors and early buyers will be able to join anytime during the around-the-world voyage, which will include workshops like breathwork, homesteading at sea, free diving, sailing, wing-foil; and also a teacher for Ocean Camp for kids.

Our deadline for funds has been extended to June 5. Reserve your spot with a fully refundable deposit.

This is our third time launching an expedition with private community financing (instead of banks, we go to our friends and their friends). Our first was Green Coconut Run ($30,000) and the second was Green Coco Charters ($300,000). This is our biggest and most exciting project yet.

Follow real time updates on community.greencoconutrun.com ; including our inspection of the boats in the Seychelles early April, investor updates, and more. Join our live Q&A weekly on Fridays at 5:30pm PST on zoom.. rsvp on this link.

Below is the Expedition Proposal. If you’re interested and would like to see the complete proposal with $$ details in PDF format, send us a message (greencoconutrun@gmail.com) with your email.

Send us your questions, we’ll respond directly… and will help us build our FAQs, being expanded in the Appendix available soon.

Thanks for sharing this with people who might love it – and playing a part in this dream!

That’s the public version of our Proposal. If you’re intrigued, ask us for the full Investor Proposal PDF with all the investment details.

Stay posted for the upcoming Appendix.. and follow daily updates on community.greencoconutrun.com

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