Twins turn Two!

We left Tahiti and sailed to Tikehau, one of our favorite little atolls. At the end of January, our twins Kaiana and Naiyah were turning two years old. They started the day eating Elmo banana cakes (I didn’t know Sabrina was such an artist!) and then we threw a beach party with Erika, who was aboard with us, and other sailors from the anchorage. We played at the heavenly hoa (the channel between the motus), same place as we celebrated their 1st birthday. It’s a tradition ! 

Big changes were afoot. Both their cribs and pacifiers got put away for good on their second birthday. Momma Sabrina unveiled the “big girl room” to the girls’ astounded eyes. For the first nap, there was a painful hour of crying, but then they clutched their new stuffed animals and never looked back. Their resilience is inspiring. It is delightful to see them become strong little human beings.

I am reminded of the importance of milestones in life…. they define who we are, and allow us to embrace a new, better version of ourselves. This felt like their first conscious milestone.

Sabrina’s life-like Elmo cakes…. They love Elmo, simply because he’s in a sunscreen bottle that a guest left for us. Amazing how they pick up on those things.
Kaiana stoked, Naiyah pensive. They are identical twins, but their personalities are different, here captured in a snapshot.
Big girl room… no more cribs

New dresses gift from Grandma
The view from the hoa, which is the channel between two motus. Motus are islets located on the barrier reef.
Hermit crabs on the coral-strewn beach
From beautiful calm sunny day to a big black squall… the weather changes quickly around here!

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