Newsletter Fall ’21: Kitesurfing Heaven


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Escape to Kitesurfing Heaven

Our goal was to return to Tuamotus …

We didn’t expect it would become a race against time, as the coronavirus Delta surge approached!


Going the wrong way.. at the right time

For sailors, the steady, refreshing tradewinds from the east are a godsend. But when you want to sail east, that means going upwind — which in open ocean conditions is really rough.

We spent a quick three days in Bora-Bora because we had a brief weather window of northerly winds. Then it was time to go.


The Start: Bora-Bora

This island is pure eye candy. The stunning rocky peak. Turquoise sandbars. Manta Rays. Frollicking with stingrays… it is touristy, yes, but our co-op crew (Jessica, Bret, Al, and Alexandra) had a great few days here, even meeting up with our traveling friends (Marie & Gautier). See more👇

Read more about Bora-Bora (and watch video)


Change of Plans: Tahiti

After the overnight trip from Bora-Bora, we dropped off our crew in Moorea. We were following the news closely: a surge of Delta cases was rocking Tahiti. Increasingly strict measures came into place. By chance, another northerly wind was forecast that week. We thought: “you know what? let’s go remote while we can.”

Thanks to Alexandra for taking care of the babies, we were able to do a whirlwind 4 days of provisioning. Think multiple shopping carts of groceries being pushed 1/4 mile, loaded into a dinghy, transported onto Selaví, labeled and stored into the boat’s 1001 compartments.

Our first anchorage in Tahanea. We saw nobody else for 3 weeks.

Isolation: Tuamotus

Two nights sailing, a stopover in Faaite, and an upwind 7 hour bash: finally we arrived in Tahanea, a gorgeous uninhabited atoll with no cell service. Soon, we heard via satellite messenger that Tahiti had entered lockdown. We felt fortunate to be isolating in paradise!

What did we do? This place is heaven for our new favorite sport, kitesurfing! The three weeks were delightful, making bread, playing with the babies, and exploring Tahanea’s surreal underwater world and her beaches, without a soul in sight… Check out the videos of highlights 👇

Watch: Kitesurfing & Exploring Tahanea


Kitesurfing Heaven

Thanks to our friends at Murray’s Marine in Carpenteria, we now have quality kitesurfing equipment on board (along with a trainer kite for learning). Kiting from the sailboat is perfect! It takes technical skills, from launching off a boat, to dinghy rescues. We were really happy to take classes with Adrian at Fakarava Kite Tuamotus. When you come visit, you should take classes too — it’s so fun! Watch the video of Sabby’s class👇

Watch: Sabby’s Lesson in Fakarava


Featured Guests: Alexandra

We’re so grateful for our time with Alexandra, she is truly a nanny-extraordinaire! She has such a calm and loving presence with the babies, and they love the “spa time” with Auntie, combing hair and getting massages :)Being a naturalist guide in Galapagos, Alexandra is passionate about the underwater world. Alexandra is always eager to jump in the water, and stoked about finding cool little creatures.

We will miss Alexandra’s ever-present smile, wonderful presence, and delicious stir-frys!

Check out Alexandra’s Instagram: @alexandra_sirenita 📷

Alexandra in Bora-Bora

Next Year: Wondering what we’re up to?

After exploring Tuamotus in first months of ’22 we will be based in Fakarava from April to October, sharing this World Heritage atoll with our guests.

From December ’22 to early ’23, we are based in Huahine, with possible cruises to Bora-Bora.

Come visit! Check out the trip availability below.

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Selaví in Moorea
Bret & Jessica in Bora-Bora

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