Aldebaran’s New Owners!

Congratulations to our friends Billy & Kimber on being the new owners of Aldebaran, and carrying on the torch of co-op expeditions!!!  A more perfect couple to continue this dream & lifestyle would be hard to imagine! 🎉💥

With our pregnancy and intention to expand the Green Coco co-op, last year Sabrina and I started searching for a new catamaran— details of that will be forthcoming, stay tuned😁

By keeping Aldebaran in the family, we are now growing our adventure co-op to make the experience of expedition sailing available to more people👯‍♀️🕺

Our community-supported approach has made this amazing lifestyle affordable for everyone (both boat owners and visitors) and we are excited to spread that opportunity 💕

Watch this space for updates from partner-boats in the Green Coco Co-op: Billy & Kimber on Aldebaran, our new catamaran, and new boat partners of the co-op, as we join forces in the future… ⛵️

So stoked for @sail_nc  and @kimber.kinley, and everyone you’ll be sharing this experience with. Keep #harvestingstoke !! 😊

Big love, Kristian & Sabrina

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2 thoughts on “Aldebaran’s New Owners!

  1. Congratulations on owning a fine boat which took me on one of my greatest life’s adventures. The famous 3 week passage from the Galapagos to Pitcairn. I wish you fair winds and kind seas on the countless nautical miles you are about to sail to fabulous destinations. Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. New chapters and new books indeed! Always happy to read up on the new news. AND congrats on the expected twins!!! WOW Feeling the stoke even up in the Napa Valley Boatyard ❤

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