Adrien Flies (and rides his board upside down)

More superstar moves from Adrien, the head instructor from Tuamotus Kiteschool. It is amazing to watch and inspiring for our renewed kite motivation!

These photos were taken by  the super gifted photog John Guillote. Remarkably, this was his first time ever shooting kitesurfing; the angles he managed to catch without any previous experience are mind-blowing.  Check out his eclectic portfolio here.  John is sailing with his wife Becca around the Pacific on Sv Halcyon, a 40 ft monohull Halcyon. She is a travel writer and provides captivating insights into sailboat life on their blog:  Halcyon Wanderings.

We’re bringing Kitesurfing back into our Green Coco life, after many years of hiatus. Next year we’ll be able to host people wanting to learn with the phenomenal kite instructor Adrien;  and we’ll do special kite trips to remote atolls like Tahanea.

Can’t wait. Kitesurfing is bringing me an entirely new appreciation of the wind and discovering new connections with that incredible force!

2 thoughts on “Adrien Flies (and rides his board upside down)

  1. Kite surfing has to be one of the most wonderful sports to watch. The amazing speed of the rider coupled with the acrobatics of changing direction and catching huge air. One can grasp the enormous power of the wind which when harnessed by the likes of Adrien result in these awesome displays.

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