Getting comfortable with sharks

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I can’t think of a better place than the Tuamotu archipelago to get comfortable swimming with sharks, being in their presence at all times in their natural habitat. You quickly learn they are not mean predators like Hollywood portrays them to be. But instead, gentle giants who swim with grace and if anything are more scared of us than we are of them.

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Diving the wall of sharks in Fakarava South Pass opens your eyes to the world of sharks and brings a complete new level of appreciation and admiration for them. Scuba diving allows you to be at their level and just observe them for their grace and beauty. You watch them in a setting where they are in relaxed mode, getting cleaned by fish, even getting daily life chores done such as going to the dentist. Yup! It’s true, sharks get their teeth cleaned too by little cleaner fish! One can begin to appreciate these little details the more time you spend underwater. Other ways to start reprograming some of your unfound fears of sharks is to follow shark advocates like @oceanramsey & @juansharks who do an amazing job of teaching us the importance of sharks in our ecosystem and you will see they are not monsters but important apex predators that regulate and ensure the health of the marine ecosystem.

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