6 Boats, Reef, and the Blue

Thanks everyone for your comments last week on the posts… I must admit, I feel like a dog getting yummy treats, with every comment I woof woof in pleasure and “go fetch” the photo for the next post 🙂

Check out the attached photo of our anchorage in Tikehau. Seems so idyllic and mellow! Which it can be… but look closely at the number of coral bommies (those little black dots in the sandy blue) that are scattered around the anchorage. Those are all chunks of reef, big and small, hungry to snag a boat’s anchor chain.

For perspective, this anchorage is pretty clear compared to many… This is what we contend with in the Tuamutus, just one of several reasons why this archipelago is such a challenge for anchoring. Sure enough, when we left, I had to freedive 30ft to unwrap our chain, since the wind had swung 360 degrees over 3 days, and the chain had made a “gift wrap” package out of the rock.

Photo courtesy of Honey Bee 2, our faithful Mavic drone that replaced the one I crashed into a coconut tree (yes, it pays to have DJI’s insurance, they gave us a new one for a replacement cost of $80… which is better than spending $1200 on a new Mavic)

Have you heard what they say? “It’s better to have a captain that has the experience of shipwreck than one who doesn’t…” Well, I’ve crashed both our drone and our boat Aldebaran… so I’m highly qualified! But perhaps that’s a story, or shall we shall series of stories, for another day.

10 thoughts on “6 Boats, Reef, and the Blue

  1. Love your candor about the Honey Bee and yes, always good to have a mate on Bomnie Watch duty!

  2. I remain ever amazed at our Captain’s skill set. Watching free dive to 50′ to unwrap an uncooperative anchor chain, then slowly navigating through a minefield of bommies… all successfully carried out with a smile. So cool, so enjoyable to share with you both. Gotta get back there with you!

    • Kind words Ethan, especially when coming from a doctor of a high skillset such as yourself! It is a pleasure to become good at something 🙂


  3. Nice anchorage
    Glad you got your drone replaced
    Great way to capture the beauty in that part of the world

  4. Agree with Kristian’s point: It’s better to have a shipwreck ‘under your belt’, than not.
    There is nothing like the experience of a good, solid wipeout for peace of mind.
    Besides….”If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not doing anything.”

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