When $20 is better than $200

Minutes before reeling in the beautiful yellow fin tuna, we were motoring along the calm ocean with little wind. Then, all at once the sky darkened with foreboding clouds, and the winds started howling. As if on cue, both reels started zipping off at once! It was a double hook up synched with the passing squall.

In the scramble to batten down the hatches and safely reel in our fish, one of the two tunas got away – which is better that than losing the lure to opportunistic sharks. Those tuna are probably worth $200 in the US! But hey, we need to keep those precious lures safe for the next battle.

Example 1. It can be better to have a $20 lure that catches many fish, than buying just one $200 fish.

Now, what in heaven’s is Sabrina wearing while filleting our proud catch, you wonder? Well, our snazzy brand name waterproof jackets refuse to keep us dry after just 1yr of wear and tear. So we now resort to wearing the plastic kids raincoat that Pierre and Lianna bought during a thunderstorm in Marquesas while we were walking around town. Note the bright yellow raincoat Kristian was wearing in the last post.

Example 2. Put away the $200 technical jackets – bust out the $20 goofy plastic raincoats, the only things still keeping us dry!

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