Stormy weather for Sabby’s return

Wind map of storm: Tahiti is the green pin, and Tikehau is the red pin.

I met Sabrina at the airport. “Welcome back to paradise honey! Sorry about the deluge!!”

To weather the storm, I anchored Aldebaran in Taravao, Baie Phaeton, which is  the spot between the two lobes of Tahiti (grey icon in the map below). The airport in Papeete is an hour to the west.

Nobody likes to arrive from travel with bags to a soggy boat… so we did the smart thing and got an Airbnb for the night. Added bonus: washing machine! A rare commodity in French Polynesia.

Baie Phaeton is considered the most protected anchorage in Tahiti, located at the little town of Taravao. Our current satellite position is on this link.

After the rain passed… leaving our Airbnb apartment, with spirits high (and laundry done!) we’re all set to return to the boat.

5 thoughts on “Stormy weather for Sabby’s return

  1. Reunited, and it feels so good
    Reunited ’cause we understood
    There’s one perfect fit
    And, sugar, this one is it
    We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey

  2. Bienvenue Sabrina!
    Rain or no rain, back where your heart is …
    Much love to you both, our sweethearts
    Bob and Susie

  3. The wonderful miracle maker is back coté-à-coté with the radical stoke creator! Hooray. All is right again.

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