Solo overnight to Tahiti

My last trip with Tabula Raza (a 29ft sloop, back in 2006) was planned as a three week solo exploration of the Channel Islands. On the second day the engine broke.

Bobbing around at anchor in Santa Rosa island, looking at three weeks of food and water packed to the gills in the galley, I started reading all those sailing books that I had collected. “Dang it, I can do this,” I thought, hoisting the mainsail, and pulling up anchor slowly as the boat tacked and zig-zagged on the hook.

Over the next three weeks I sailed alone, in and out of 5 different anchorages, including becher’s bay, coches prietos, forney’s cove, pelican bay, and some random stretch of windy beach that I got stuck in with night falling. I returned to Santa Barbara with skills and confidence that would have taken me years to normally develop.

They say “adventure begins when plans fail.” Well, it sure does speed up learning!

In this mindset, I readied the boat for my first overnight sail on Aldebaran, ever. Hard to believe, but true.. in 8 years I’ve never sailed her overnight alone.

I was heading from Tikehau to Tahiti, 200 nautical miles, to pickup Sabrina, who arrives in one week. I was excited! And I was about to get some good new lessons.

6 thoughts on “Solo overnight to Tahiti

  1. “…pulling up anchor slowly as the boat tacked and zig-zagged on the hook.”

    Great image. As though I’ve already experienced it myself. Thanks.

  2. May the winds be sweet, the seas willing, and your bright spirit alive and alert! Thanks for letting us over here in Cali keep her for a while. It was a treat to have the Sabby back for a visit.

    Big hugs and Kisses!!

  3. Lucky you. Your sweetheart will be with you shortly. Good luck with the rest of the trip. J.-C.

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