Outside the pass: Faaite atoll

With our “Robo-rudder” ready for action, we set sail 50nm north-west to Faaite. This was our third atoll of this leg with Matt, Diyana, and Melanie. It is the only one so far with a legitimate anchorage outside the pass, in 45-55 feet of water, coral rubble.

The trade wind blows offshore, keeping the water smooth as the swells roll beneath us. Being anchored in the ocean was a welcome change; we still regard the lagoons with some suspicion (strong pass currents, treacherous coral bommies in unsurveyed areas, plenty of coral to snag anchor chain).

Our location also had the added advantage of seeing tons of fish and birds do their daily “dance”. Animals do a lot of their feeding outside the pass– so it’s a good place to watch the show of nature.

Can you spot the boat in this aerial shot taken by the Honey Bee? The little white speck to the right of the village…

4 thoughts on “Outside the pass: Faaite atoll

  1. Sabby, Matt and I saw a whale when we woke up and were anchored here and you did as well while surfing. Is that right Melanie and Capitain K.?

    I also loved the snorkeling, with lots of little canyons branching off the atoll.

    Kisses to the brave sailors!

  2. Well what an amazingly beautiful photo and especially knowing that photos never fully capture what it looks like in person!

    • Well said… but I think the one exception are photos with the Honey Bee, the view from the air blows us away every time!!


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