Anaho Bay and Hatiheu Bay

Anaho Bay is famous among cruisers as the most protected anchorage in Marquesas. There is no road access which makes it all the more special.

Anaho Bay

Hatiheu Bay is next door to Anaho Bay, often overlooked due to its neighbor’s idyllic conditions. However, Hatiheu is phenomenal in itself. Whereas Anaho is in a wild setting with just a few scattered tourist pensions (boat-access only), Hatiheu is a wonderul village anchorage with an even more dramatic view of the mountains. Hatiheu has a dock with spring water, clear water for snorkeling like Anaho (very rare in Marquesas!) and access to the archeological sites that we talked about in the last post. The anchorage was also lovely, although more open to the north, which would make it rolly during the summer months (November to March).

Sabrina in Hatiheu after a swim and shower at the dock


Hatiheu’s bucolic post office

The coronel hiking to the top of the vista point that overlooks Anaho Bay. It is an easy 50 minute trail with very rewarding views!


Just another horse getting washed in a Marquesan bay


The ridgeline of rock above Hatiheu bay is astounding.


Josephine took is to her family’s home where she grew up in Hatiheu, one block from the beach. The property extends back into groves of banana trees, pamplemousse, papaya. Josephine’s dad didn’t speak much French, only Marquesan, but he was amazingly friendly. Within an hour we were all best friends and didn’t want to leave. They sent us off with piles of fruit and we gave them our trailmix packets which the kids quickly devoured.

Josephine with her dad sandwiching Captain K


Usually on a sailboat we look for the most remote, wild locations to visit. This was not exactly the case in the Marquesas. Granted, everywhere is difficult to reach! But here a big part of the experience is connecting with locals – they are so incredibly welcoming and warm. Although a perfect anchorage like Anaho is just around the corner, making friends with the locals in Hatiheu and exploring the village and its archeological sites makes it very worth the visit…